Linux-UNIX: Copying a K-TAP module from the command line

Use the command line to copy a new K-TAP module from one Linux database server to other database servers that run the same Linux distribution.

Before you begin

Use this procedure after you have built and tested a K-TAP module on a Linux database server.


  1. Log in to the database server with the tested K-TAP module.
  2. Change directory to /usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/ktap/current/ and run ./guard_ktap_append_modules to add the locally built modules to modules.tgz.
  3. Repeat step 1.
  4. Copy the updated modules.tgz file to the target database server.
  5. Log in to the target database server and change the directory to /usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/ktap/current/.
  6. Resolve any issues with the K-TAP, such as submitting a module request to IBM or installing kernel development packages.
    Note: If you installed a GIM S-TAP bundle, set export GIM_CONTEXT=Y. For example:
    export GIM_CONTEXT=Y
  7. Run the guard_ktap_loader retry script from the ktap directory. For example:
    • shell/RPM installation:
      guardium/guard_stap/ktap/current/guard_ktap_loader retry
      GIM installation:
      export GIM_CONTEXT=Y; modules/KTAP/current/guard_ktap_loader retry
  8. Restart the S-TAP® to connect it to the new K-TAP module.


The custom K-TAP module is ready to use on the target system. Repeat this procedure for each matching Linux system to which you want to deploy the K-TAP module.