Linux-UNIX: Installing and uninstalling S-TAP with HP-UX native installer

Before you begin


  1. Obtain the IP address of the database server on which you are installing S-TAP®. If virtual IPs are used, note those as well (you will need to configure those later, when completing the configuration).
  2. Identify the IP address of the collector that will control this S-TAP, and to which this S-TAP will report and verify connectivity between the database server and the collector.
  3. Copy the S-TAP installer to the local disk on the database server, typically to /tmp.
  4. Extract the file with
    gzip -d <filename>.depot.gz
  5. Enter the swinstall command as follows, supplying the selected file name (the appropriate native installer file) and your database server host name. This command starts an interactive program. Follow the prompts and use the appropriate controls to install the appropriate S-TAP installation program (.sh file), which is located in
    swinstall -s /var/tmp/<filename>.depot @ ,hostname>:/var/spool/sw
  6. Continue with running the interactive installer in the installation procedure, running the generated installation script rather than the default installation script for the operating system version.

Remove HPUX S-TAP Using Native Installer


To remove HPUX S-TAP using the native installer, use the following command:
swremove @<hostname>:/var/spool/sw