Linux-UNIX: Managing a GIM-, RPM-, and shell-installed S-TAP during a database upgrade

Only the A-TAP needs handling when you upgrade a database with a GIM, RPM, or shell-installed UNIX S-TAP®. If a system is running multiple databases, the S-TAP can continue to run and monitor all other databases not being upgraded.


  1. De-instrument, and de-activate the A-TAP, by using the guardctl utility.
  2. Upgrade your database.
  3. Instrument, activate, and restart the A-TAP, by using the guardctl utility.
  4. If the system uses exit libraries, make sure that the exit library is in the appropriate place (for example if the DB location directory changed).
  5. Verify that the inspection engine is correct, because paths may have changed.
    When the DBA upgrades the database with a different installation path than the previous version, traffic is not captured unless you update with the correct installation path and restart the S-TAP. If the installation path is not updated, the database might not be monitored. Look in the S-TAP Events report for a message: DB instance stops running, please make sure DB under db_install_dir is still available, and restart the relevant S-TAP. If found, update db_install_dir in the guard_tap.ini or DB Install Dir in the S-TAP control page.
  6. Check that the inspection engine for the database is correct (for example, the version number).
  7. If you modified the inspection engine configuration, including the DB installation path, restart the S-TAP.