Linux-UNIX: Hadoop integration with Ranger HDFS for Hortonworks and Cloudera 7

Hadoop services load a Ranger Audit Plugin. The Ranger Audit Plugin applies policies from the Ranger Policy Server. If an operation is covered by one of those policies and audit logging is enabled for the policy, the audit is logged to the Ranger Audit Server. The Ranger Audit Server can be configured to log audits to directories in HDFS. The S-TAP can consume Ranger audits from HDFS by connecting to the HDFS namenode, and reading Ranger audits for the services from the configured audit directory. S-TAP reads audits of each configured service from the oldest to the newest. This configuration uses the Cloudera Data Platform 7.x and Hortonworks 2.3 - 3.1 with Ranger HDFS.

data transfer from HDFS to STAP