Linux-UNIX: S-TAP Control: Change auditing parameters

These parameters affect the behavior of CAS.

Table 1. CAS parameters for UNIX/Linux
Name Default value Description
Task checkpoint task_checkpoint Internal handle program machine state in case of host failure.
Client checkpoint client_checkpoint File used to restart processing. A series of files is created. Each version of the file ends with a unique number.
Checkpoint period 60 Interval time, in seconds, for the check.
Fail over file fail_over_file Name of the outgoing messages buffer. The database writes to this file when the GuardiumĀ® system cannot be reached. During this time, the file can grow to the maximum size specified. When the limit is reached, a second file is created, with the same name with the digit 2 appended to the end of the name. (At this point CAS begins trying to connect to a secondary server.) If that file also reaches the maximum size, the first file is overwritten. If the first file fills again, the second file is overwritten. Thus, following an extended outage, you might lose data, but an amount of data up to twice the size of the Failover File Size Limit is stored.
Fail over file size limit 50000 Failover file maximum size, in KB. The disk space requirement is twice what you specify here because the system maintains two failover files. If you specify -1, the file size is unlimited, but it is recommended that you cap the file size.
Max rec. attempts 5000 Number of reconnect attempts when connection is lost. The maximum number of times CAS attempts to reconnect to the Guardium system. Set this value to -1 for unlimited reconnction attempts. The default cas_max_reconnect_attempts and cas_reconnect_interval define an interval of about 3.5 days. After reaching the maximum, CAS continues to run, writing to the failover files, but it does not attempt to reconnect with a Guardium host.
Reconnect interval 60 Wait time, in seconds, between reconnect attempts.
Raw data limit 1000 Maximum number of KB written for an item when the Keep data checkbox is marked in the item template. If you specify -1, the size is unlimited.
Md5 data limit 1000 Maximum size of a data item, KB, on which the MD5 checksum calculation is performed. If you specify -1, there is no limit.