Guardium S-TAP returns an illegal cp: option - f error message

If the S-TAP installation fails with cp: illegal option - f, run the command which cp and change the file path.


The S-TAP installation fails with the following error message.

A directory called 'guardium' containing Guardium software needs to be created under a path provided.
Enter the path prefix [/usr/local]? /opt/guardium
Directory /opt/guardium/guardium/guard_stap does not exist, would you like to create it [Y/n]? Y
Run STAP as root, or as user 'guardium' [R/u]? R
Please be patient... This might take more than a minute.
Copying installation files...
cp: illegal option -- f
UX:vxfs cp: INFO: V-3-21462: Usage: cp [-i] [-p] f1 f2
cp [-i] [-p] f1 ... fn d1
cp [-i] [-p] [-r|-R] [-e { force | ignore | warn}] d1 d2


The path to/usr/bin/cp is different from what the installer expects.


The UNIX/Linux database server is affected.

Resolving the problem

Run the command which cp

If which cp returns a value other than /usr/bin/cp, run the command export PATH=/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:$PATH.

Rerun the command which cp to confirm that the path is /usr/bin/cp.