Installing GIM and other packages on Windows servers by using the consolidated installer

Use the consolidated installer to install the GIM client and other agents, such as the S-TAP, on the database server, in a one-step process.

Before you begin

Download both the GIM and S-TAP installation packages from Fix Central.

About this task

Each agent installer package (WINSTAP, CAS, GAM) has a folder called Gim-Kits that contains a conf.reload.* and a signed file. The conf.reload files have the agent configuration parameters, which are the same as the parameters in the other installation packages. The conf.reload.* files need editing for your specific environment. The signed files do not need editing.


  1. Copy the GIM installer to the database server.
  2. Create a folder called deploy in the GIM installer directory.
  3. Examine the conf.reload.* files and make any configuration changes for the S-TAPs in your environment. For example, the sqlguard IP setting or the enterprise load balancing settings.
  4. Customize the conf.reload.* files for all other packages you are going to install.
  5. Copy all of the edited conf.reload files, and the SIGNED files, into the deploy folder that you created in step 2.
  6. Install the GIM with the CLI, or the wizard on a Windows server. For example:
    where APPLIANCE <IP> is the GIM Server.


First GIM is installed. GIM looks in the deploy folder for the files, and then installs the other packages, all in the /deploy directory. The S-TAP is installed with all of its components, located under the guardium installation directory along with the GIM.