Distributing GIM bundles to managed units

You can distribute GIM bundles to managed units in order to deploy them on the GIM clients managed by those managed units.

About this task

If you manage all your GIM clients from your Central Manager, you can deploy bundles to all your GIM clients directly from the Central Manager. If you manage groups of clients from several managed units, you can distribute GIM bundles from your central manager to those managed units.

The time required for distribution depends on the size of the bundles and network conditions. In a network with substantial latency, transfers can take several hours.


  1. Copy the bundles that you want to distribute into the /var/gim/dist_packages directory on your Central Manager. All files in this directory will be distributed; you cannot select which bundles you want to distribute.
  2. Choose the managed units to which you want to distribute the bundles.
  3. Click Distribute GIM bundles.
    The bundles are copied to the selected managed units.


You can install the bundles from each managed unit to the GIM clients that it manages.