Distribute custom tables

Distribute custom tables and their data from a central manager to managed units.

Before you begin

Distributing custom tables from a central manager to managed units requires that the table structure on the managed units match the table structure on the central manager. Distribution fails if the tables are altered only on the managed units.


  1. Navigate to Comply > Custom Reporting > Custom Table Distribution.
  2. Use the check boxes to select tables for distribution.
    The list includes all custom tables available on the central manager. The tables you select are distributed to all managed units that report to the central manager.
  3. In the Scheduling section, define a recurring schedule for distributing custom tables.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Optional: Click Run Once Now to submit an ad hoc job for custom table distribution.


The selected tables and their data are distributed from the central manager to its managed units according to the defined schedule.
Attention: When distributing tables, if a table with the same name exists on a managed unit, the table and all of its data are replaced on the managed unit.