GIM Clients domain

This topic describes the domain's entities and attributes.

Available to roles: admin.

GIM Clients entity

Attribute Description
GIM Client IP Client IP address
GIM Client Name Client hostname
GIM Client OS Client Operating System (for example, Linux)
GIM Client OS Vendor Operating System Vendor (for example, Redhat)
GIM Client OS Vendor Version Operating system kernel version (for example, 2.6.32-642.13.1.el6.x86_64)
GIM Client State Timestamp Time GIM client was created

GIM Clients Modules State entity

Attribute Description
Connected To The appliance this module is connected to.
GIM Module Name Module name (for example, ‘GIM’)
GIM Module State Module state (for example, ‘INSTALLED’, ‘FAILED’)
GIM Module Version module’s Guardium version
Is Scheduled Is module scheduled for an installation/upgrade/uninstall. 0 – not scheduled, 1 - scheduled.

GIM Modules Heartbeats entity

Attribute Description
GIM Client Id Client primary key (GIM_CLIENTS)
GIM Module Id Module primary key (GIM_MODULES)
GIM Module Name Module name
Last Update Last alive time (millisecs)
State Modules state (UP/DOWN)