DB Default Users Enabled domain

Details on whether default users are enabled. This topic describes the domain's entities and attributes.

Available to roles: admin

Non-credential Scan: A process to scan a list of databases and check whether default users are enabled. The default users as well as the list of servers to scan are provided as parameters to the API. A default group is provided for each database type with the default users and passwords created by the database on every installation, customers can add/remove from that list. The groups are of type DB User/DB Password and the names of the default groups are:

ORACLE Default Users; DB2 Default Users; SYBASE Default Users; MS SQL SERVER Default Users; INFORMIX Default Users;  MYSQL Default Users; TERADATA Default Users; IBM ISERIES Default Users; POSTGRESQL Default Users; NETEZZA Default Users

DB Default Users Enabled Entity

Attribute Description
DB Type Database type
DB Version Database version
Host Name Host name of this database
Instance Name Database instance name
Port Port number of this database
User Name User name