Defining a datasource using a service name

You can define a datasource that enables your users to connect to an Oracle database by using the service name by using a custom URL.

About this task

You must enter the hostname, port, service name, and the custom URL.


  1. Determine the Oracle service name.
    You can use commands like these:
    SQL> set line size 5000;
    SQL> select host_name, instance_name from v$instance;
    SQL> select name from v$database;
    SQL> show parameter service
    Use the name that appears in the VALUE column.
  2. Load the appropriate Oracle JDBC thin driver to the GuardiumĀ® system.
    1. Download the driver for your Oracle database from the Oracle website.
    2. Open the Customer Uploads window by browsing to Harden > Vulnerability Assessment > Customer Uploads.
    3. Locate the section titled Upload Oracle JDBC driver. Click Browse and browse to the location to which you downloaded the file. Click Use open-source driver for all.
    4. Restart the Guardium user interface after the upload is complete.
  3. Define the datasource for this database.
    1. Browse to Setup > Tools and Views > Datasource Definitions.
    2. The Application Selection menu lists all applications with which you can use a datasource definition. Choose the application for which the datasource you want to modify was created, and click Next, bringing you to the Datasource Finder.
    3. Enter the service name in the Service Name field. In the custom URL field, enter jdbc:oracle:thin@//hostname:port/svcname where hostname and port are the standard values for the database and svcname is same value that you entered in the Service Name field.