SQL DB Azure

Configure an SQL DB Azure datasource on your GuardiumĀ® system.

Supported Authentication Methods

Authentication Supported
Local user Yes
Kerberos No
Mutual SSL No


Field Description
Host Name/IP Required. The hostname or IP address of the datasource.
Port number Required. Default value: 1433
Database The name of the database.

For security assessments, the required value is master.

Connection property Properties that must be included in the JDBC URL to establish a JDBC connection with the datasource. The required format is property1=value;property2=value, where each property and value pair is separated by a semicolon.
For examples, refer to the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver documentation.
Note: Azure Active Directory authentication is not supported.
Custom URL The connection string to the datasource. When the custom URL is not provided, the datasource connection is made by using properties such as the hostname and port number.