Optionally activate the audit process by scheduling it to run at defined intervals.

About this task

A schedule becomes part of an audit process along with any receivers specified in the Audit section of the discovery scenario. Defining a schedule runs the audit process at specified intervals and ensures that results from the associated classification process are regularly distributed and reviewed.


  1. Open the Schedule section to define a schedule for discovering data.
  2. Use the Schedule by menu to set daily or monthly intervals for the audit process.
  3. Use the Start schedule every and Repeat every check boxes to define how many times per day and how many times within each hour to run the audit process.
  4. Use the Start date and time controls to define an explicit date and time for the schedule to begin.
  5. Clear the Activate schedule check box to deactivate the audit process while retaining scheduling information for later use. The Activate schedule box is checked by default, meaning that the audit process becomes active after saving the schedule.
  6. When you have defined a schedule, click Save to finish editing and close the workflow editor.


An audit process is created after defining a schedule and saving the discovery scenario. To view or edit this audit process directly, use the Audit Process Builder. Review the Scheduled Jobs report to see the status, start time, and next fire time for scheduled audit tasks.