Import catalog entries

Perform this task on a target restore server, to import one or more archive files that were created and saved to a backup location.

About this task

When catalog entries are imported from another system, those entries point to files that have been encrypted by the original system. Before you restore or import any such file, the system shared secret of the originating system (that encrypted the file) must be available on the target import system. You can use the aggregator backup keys file and aggregator restore keys file CLI commands to copy the shared secrets from one GuardiumĀ® system to another.


  1. Go to Manage > Data Management > Catalog Import.
  2. Click Browse to locate and select the file.
  3. Click Upload. You are notified when the operation completes and the definitions that are contained in the file are displayed. Repeat to upload more files.
  4. Click the green arrow for each file you want to import, or click Remove without Importing to remove the uploaded files without importing the contents.