Audit and Report

Guardium organizes the data it collects into a set of domains. Each domain contains a different type of information relating to a specific area of concern: data access, exceptions, policy violations, and so forth.

All domains and their entities are described in Domains, Entities, and Attributes.

Access to each domain within the Query-Report Builder is controlled by security roles. For detailed instructions on how to build queries, see Using the Query-Report Builder.   

In addition to the standard set of domains, users can define custom domains to contain information that is uploaded to the Guardium appliance. For example, your company might have a table relating generic database user names (hr23455 or qa4872, for example) to real persons (Paula Smith, John Doe). Once that table has been uploaded, the real names can be displayed on Guardium reports, from the custom domain. For more detailed information on how to define and use custom domains, see External data correlation.