Tuning a test

Tests can be optimized by adjusting parameters, applying group exceptions, and test detail exceptions.

About this task

Use this procedure to add exceptions to a test by using the test tuning feature.


  1. Go to Harden > Vulnerability Assessment > Assessment Builder.
  2. Select the assessment you want to edit, and click modify. From the Security Assessment Builder screen, click Configure Tests to access the Assessment Test Selections.
  3. From the tuning column, select the test you want to adjust and click adjust.
  4. To customize your test's parameters, use the Tuning section.
  5. Use the Exception Group section to add an exception group. Click on the Exception Group drop down box and select the exception group. You can optionally enter a start and end date for your selected exception, and include a justification.
  6. Select Test Detail Exceptions to search for one or more assessments that use single or multiple datasources, or a group of datasources. For more information, see List existing Test Detail Exceptions.
  7. Click Save to save your adjustments.