Running your application locally

Run your application to test it locally, in a browser window, before you package and deploy the app.

About this task

The GuardiumĀ® GUI Application Framework includes a virtual environment that you can use to run your application locally for testing purposes.


  1. Enter the command: grd_sdk run -w <path to myapp>
    The first time you run the app, you are prompted for the Guardium appliance hostname or IP, the CLI user password, and for Guardium user credentials. These are used to create an authentication token especially created for that computer. The credentials are saved in an encrypted file within your application folder (.guard_config). If you need to change the Guardium machine your app communicates with, or update the credentials used, run grd_sdk regenerate_tokens to generate a new authentication token.
  2. Open a browser and type http://localhost:5000 in the address bar. If your app has REST endpoints you can call them at this URL.
    Your app is displayed in the browser window, and the application output is sent to the command line or to your terminal.
  3. If you are running an update app, or you copied it from another guardium system, and it does not start, try these steps:
  4. To stop your application, press Ctrl+C on macOS or Ctrl+C Ctrl+C (twice) on Windows.