Vulnerability Assessment exception group members appear in failed test

If members of a test exception group appear in a failed vulnerability assessment test, use an escape sequence for the backslash character.


Some members of a test exception group appear in the details field when you run a vulnerability assessment. The group contains members with a backslash character and a REGEX tag such as (R)US\John Doe.


Special characters can trigger errors when Guardium parses the exception group.


Guardium collectors are affected.

Resolving the problem

Use an escape sequence for the backslash character or do not use the REGEX tag (use an exact match). Either of these examples work.

US\John Doe
(R)US\\John Doe

The REGEX tag (R) is used to trigger a regular expression search of the details field to remove any string that matches the regular expression. A backslash or any other character that has a meaning in a regular expression needs a backslash escape sequence to avoid parsing errors. If you do not use the (R) tag, the group member must exactly match the entire line in the details field for Guardium to make a match. To pass the vulnerability test, the details field of the test must be empty.