ADHG522E Write failed length=length rc=returncode rsn=reasoncode


During an attempted TCP/IP data send of the length specified, the send failed with the specified return and reason code.

User response

Refer to the IBM manual, z/OS UNIX System Services Messages and Codes, for an explanation of the reason code. The last 4 digits of the reason code correspond to the errors of the send API. Also, review the ADHLOG of the S-TAP Collector Agent for other messages that might indicate problems with the connection between the S-TAP Collector Agent and the Guardium appliance.

This send failure might be the result of excessive amounts of data being sent to the appliance. Refer to the appliance reporting to determine whether excessive numbers of events were sent to the appliance prior to the send failure. If you determine the failure to be the result of excessive amounts of data, review and modify the active policy to decrease the amount of data that is sent to the appliance.