How to partition with an encrypted LVM

If you use an encrypted disk, create an encrypted LVM volume that contains the / and /var logical volumes.

About this task

The following procedure requires either physical or remote console access to the Guardium system.


  1. Insert the IBM® Guardium® DVD and boot the machine.
  2. Choose Custom Partition Installation from the boot screen.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. In the Installation Summary, select Installation Destination. Under Other Storage Options, select I will configure partitioning and check Encrypt my data.
  5. Select Click here to create them automatically and change the Mount Point and Name from home to var. Click Done.
  6. When prompted, enter a Disk encryption passphrase and safeguard it. Click Save Passphrase and Accept Changes.
    Tip: The encryption passphrase is required to unlock the LVM volume when you restart the system. This key cannot be replaced if lost.