Creating an assessment

Run security assessments against selected datasources to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, improve configurations, and harden infrastructures.

About this task

The basic steps for creating a security assessment are:
  1. Create the assessment
  2. Add datasources to the assessment
  3. Add tests to the assessment


  1. Open the Assessment Builder by clicking Harden > Vulnerability Assessment > Assessment Builder.
  2. To work with an existing assessment, click Clone or Edit to open the Security Assessment Builder window. Enter a new description, and modify only the fields that you want to change.
    If you are creating an entirely new assessment, complete all of the following steps.
  3. In the Security Assessment Finder window, click New to create a new assessment.
  4. Enter a unique name for the assessment in Description.
  5. Optionally add an audit process that runs upon completion of the assessment.
    Note: Only audit processes with task types report or external feed can be assigned to a security assessment. You cannot run the audit process for a task that has the Remote Data Source parameter enabled.
  6. Add a datasource by clicking Add Datasource. In the Datasource Finder window, select one or multiple datasources, and click Add. The datasource appears in the Datasources section of the Security Assessment Builder.
  7. To add a Datasource group, click Add Datasource Group.
  8. Add Roles to the Assessment, if applicable. You cannot assign roles to an assessment until you assign roles to the datasources it is based on.
  9. Click Apply to save the assessment.
  10. Add tests to the assessment by clicking Configure Tests.
    1. From the Tests available for addition pane, select the appropriate tab for the datasource you added previously.
    2. Select the tests that you want, and click Add Selections to add them to the assessment. Your selections appear in Assessment Test Selections.
    3. Use the Assessment Test Selections to manage tests for your assessment. Delete any selected test, or click Adjust this test to customize the test's parameters.
  11. Click Back to return to the Security Assessment Builder window. Click Return to return to the Security Assessment Finder.

What to do next

From the Security Assessment Finder window, select the created assessment, and click Run Once Now to run your test.