Windows: S-TAP GIM installation parameters

Understand the parameters (each with a short description) that are typically used in your GIM installation.

All parameters are listed in Editing the S-TAP configuration parameters.
Do not modify advanced parameters unless you are an expert user or you have consulted with IBM Technical Support.
Table 1. Parameters applicable to all .NET installers
GIM parameter Description
QUIET Install silently. (Does not require value)
WINSTAP_INSTALL_DIR This is the install directory. Default install path is C:\Program Files\IBM\Windows S-TAP
Table 2. Other S-TAP Parameters
GIM parameter Description
WINSTAP_AUTO_DISCOVERY Controls auto-discovery of database instances. During installation, when enabled, the agent discovers database instances on the server, populates inspection engines, and updates the configuration files guard_tap.ini. The parameter value is 1 during a fresh install and changes to 0 after the initial installation. See full details in Windows: Discover database instances. Valid values:
  • 0: disable
  • 1: enable

Enables / disables S-TAP and its services. Default is enabled (1).

WINSTAP_ENABLEGAM Enables the Guardium Agent Monitor service (GAM). Default is disabled (0).
WINSTAP_INSTALLER_LOG_DIR Specifies the location for storing the S-TAP installer log files. Use this parameter if you want don't want to use the default location (C:).
WINSTAP_SQLGUARD_IP The SQLGUARD IP. You can set up multiple appliances by specifying this parameter multiple times, each with a unique value.
WINSTAP_TAP_IP The local/client IP. Required for unattended installation.
Table 3. S-TAP Parameters with Applicable Value ON. These parameters are on by default with their value set to ON. Unless described otherwise, setting these parameters to any value other than ON turns the parameter off.
GIM parameter Description
NAMED_PIPE_DRIVER_INSTALLED NAMED_PIPE_DRIVER_INSTALLED=1. Specifies the named pipe used by MS SQL Server for local access. If a named pipe is used, but nothing is specified in this parameter, S-TAP attempts to retrieve the named pipe name from the registry.
DB2_TAP_INSTALLED Enables sniffing Db2 shared memory traffic.
DB2_EXIT_DRIVER_INSTALLED Enables Db2 Integration with S-TAP.
ORA_DRIVER_INSTALLED Enables sniffing Oracle ASO and SSL traffic.

Deprecated from v10.1.4. It appears in the guard_tap.ini file but it does not affect the configuration.

Table 4. Enterprise Load Balancing parameters
GIM parameter Description
WINSTAP_LOAD_BALANCER_IP Required if you are configuring enterprise load balancing. If blank, enterprise load balancing is disabled.
The IP address or hostname of the central manager or managed unit this S-TAP uses for load balancing.
Dynamic parameter. When you modify the value in the guard_tap.ini, the S-TAP does not need restarting for the updated values to take effect.
WINSTAP_INITIAL_BALANCER_TAP_GROUP The name of the S-TAP group that this S-TAP will belong to, for enterprise load balancing.
WINSTAP_INITIAL_BALANCER_MU_GROUP The name of the Managed Unit group that the app-group is associated with. Requires a defined LB-APP-GROUP. The MU group must exist on the Central Manager before it can be used during installation of the S-TAP.
WINSTAP_LOAD_BALANCER_NUM_MUS The number of managed units the enterprise load balancer allocates for this S-TAP.
Note: S-TAP parameters cannot be changed via the interactive installer during upgrade. Use the Guardium UI after the upgrade to change S-TAP parameters.