Installing your Guardium system

This document details the steps necessary to install and configure your IBM® Security Guardium® system.

This document also provides information on how to customize the partitioning on the appliance and how to install on a remote drive (SAN).

The steps are:

  1. Assemble configuration information and the hardware required before you begin.
  2. Set up the physical appliance or the virtual appliance.
  3. Install the Guardium image.
  4. Set up initial and basic configurations.
  5. Verify successful installation.

The IBM Security Guardium solution is available as:

  • Hardware offering – a fully configured software solution delivered on physical appliances provided by IBM.
  • Software offering – the solution delivered as software images to be deployed by the customers on their own hardware either directly or as virtual appliances.

The requirements listed in this document apply to the installation of both the physical appliance and the virtual appliance unless specified otherwise.