Windows: Install, upgrade, and uninstall the S-TAP agent

There are a few methods of installing, upgrading and uninstalling S-TAPs. Learn about each one and understand what works best for you.

The Base Filtering Engine (BFE) service must be running for the S-TAP installation. If the service exists but is not running, Guardium attempts to start it.

S-TAPs require .NET Framework 4.5 or higher version. If the .NET 4.5 or higher environment does not exist, S-TAP installs .NET 4.5.2.

When installing the Windows S-TAP in a non-ASCII environment (for example, Japanese), use either the server with that language pack or set the system locale to that location (Japan).

S-TAP installation creates one installation log: C:\IBM Windows S-TAP.ctl.

Auto-discovery of database instances

When installing an S-TAP®, you have the option of auto-discovering database instances and creating inspection engines for the discovered instances. When enabled, the auto-discovery process runs once at the time of S-TAP installation and does not automatically repeat. Auto-discovery is disabled by default.

All Windows S-TAP database types are supported for auto-discovery. Database types that are supported for auto-discovery are listed in Windows: S-TAP monitoring mechanisms support matrix.

For more details, see Windows: Discover database instances.

Enterprise load balancing

During installation of an S-TAP on Windows, you can configure the S-TAP to use Enterprise Load Balancing features. For more information, see Enterprise Load Balancing.