Enabling CICS Login User ID reporting

You can capture the CICS® Login User ID for SQL Statements that are run for CICS. The capture of CICS transactions is limited to CICS versions TS 4.2 or later, until end of support.

About this task

Update the CICS Connection definition to capture the CICS Login User ID:


  1. Set the ATTACHSEC parameter to ATTACHSEC(IDENTIFY) for the user ID to be passed from the Terminal-Owning Region (TOR) to the Application-Owning Region (AOR).
    This makes the user ID available for collection.
  2. Ensure that the CICS_USERID collector agent parameter is set to Y to enable reporting of the CICS login user ID.


The CICS Login User ID is reported in Guardium interface DB2 Client Info field for SQL Statements that are run in Db2 for CICS transactions.