Configuring the IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2 control file

IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2 requires information that identifies target Db2 subsystems, product options, and data set attributes. The product configuration is saved in the VSAM product control file data set that you created previously.

About this task

Update the product control file by using the sample JCL that is included with IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2. Sample library member ADHSJ001 contains the JCL to update the control file. The following steps list the tasks required to configure the product control file data set.
Important: The Db2 plan names that are specified in the product configuration options must match the product plan names assigned to the product's Db2 plans bind plan job.


  1. Edit SADHSAMP member ADHSJ001.
  2. Add the appropriate job card to ADHSJ001.
  3. Change ADH.V0A00.CONTROL to the name of the VSAM control data set that you created using member ADHSJ000.
  4. Change #SADHLOAD to the name of the product LOADLIB used for IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2.
  5. Modify the SYSIN DD statements as instructed in the sample member. For more information, see Required statements for each subsystem.
    Important: In a data-sharing environment, specify subsystem names (not group names) in ADHSJ001.
  6. Run ADHSJ001.
    Ensure that the update job steps of the product control file end with a return code of zero. If a non-zero return code occurs, review the job output for errors, correct the problem, and resubmit the JCL.