Windows: Configure advanced verification

Use this task to configure all inspection engines on a specific S-TAP client host.

Before you begin

Use this task to configure verification on individual inspection engines, including advanced verification.

About this task


  1. Access Manage > System View > S-TAP Status Monitor.
  2. Click anywhere in the row of the S-TAP.
    The window refreshes with the individual inspection engines of this host.
  3. To verify now, select one or more inspection engines and click Verify.
  4. Configure advanced verification.
    1. Click one inspection engine, and click Advanced Verify.
    2. Optionally, under Datasource, select Show only matching S-TAP host or select a name from the Name drop-down list to search for a specific inspection engine.
    3. Click Close.
  5. To add to or remove from verification.
    1. Select one or more inspection engines.
    2. Click Add to Schedule or Remove from Schedule