Audit data for Db2 Utilities

You can collect table information for Db2 utility operations that are run against tablespaces. The IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2 collector agent reports the name of the table associated with the tablespace. Configure audit data for Db2 utilities according to the following rules.

Set the STAP_UTILITY_TS_TO_TABLE parameter to Y to collect audit data for Db2 utilities.
Audit data for Db2 utilities is collected according to the following rules:
  • When a single table is contained in the tablespace, the table information is reported.
  • When more than one table is contained in the tablespace, the product can be configured to report either:
    No tables
    The tablespace is reported, but no tables are reported.
    All tables in the tablespace
    Utility operations are reported against the accessed table.
    This option can result in false positives being reported against tables in the tablespace that were not affected by the running of the utility.