Defining the S-TAP for IBM i

After you install the S-TAP, ensure that it can communicate with the Guardium system.

Before you begin

You must know the log-in credentials for the IBM i system.

About this task

The high-level steps to configure the S-TAP are:
  1. Define DB2 for i as a recognized data source to IBM Guardium and test the connection.
  2. Populate the Guardium system with information from the configuration file on IBM i that was created when you installed the DB2 for i S-TAP, using the Custom Table Builder process.
  3. Create a DB2 for i configuration report. It is from this report interface that you can invoke the Guardium APIs that enable you to start and stop the monitoring process, get status information, and update configuration parameters, including filtering values.


  1. Click Setup > Tools and Views > Datasource Definitions to open the Datasource Builder. Select Custom Domain from the Application Selection box. Click Next.
  2. In the Datasource Finder, click New, which opens the Datasource Builder.
  3. Select DB2 for i as the Database Type and then add the appropriate information for the host, service name, and credentials. Click Apply.
  4. Click Test Connection to ensure that the configuration succeeded.
  5. Click Tools > Report Building.
  6. Click Custom Table Builder. Select DB2 for i S-TAP Configuration and then click Upload Data. The Datasource Finder displays a list of DB2 for i S-TAPs.
  7. Select your DB2 for i data source from the list/ Click Add.
  8. On the Import Data screen, ensure the DB2 for i data source appears. Click Apply and then click Run Once Now. You should see a message that the operation ended successfully with one row inserted.
  9. Click Customize in the Guardium title bar. Then click Add Pane.
  10. Give the pane a new name, such as My New Reports, and then click Apply.
  11. My New Reports appears in the Customize pane. Click the icon next to the name. In the Layout dropdown list, choose Menu Pane. Click Save. Your new pane appears as a tab.
  12. Click Report Building in the navigation pane.
  13. From the query dropdown list, click DB2 for i S-TAP configuration, then click Search.
  14. Select the DB2 for i S-TAP configuration and then click Add to My New Reports (or the name that you specified in step 10).
  15. Open the My New Reports tab, which now displays the IBM i report row. Double-click a row in the report and select Invoke. A list of IBM Guardium APIs that you can select is displayed.
  16. Select update_istap_config.
  17. When you select a Guardium API, the parameters for that API are displayed. You can change any values that you need to. Change the value of the start_monitor parameter to 1. Click Invoke Now.


Using the data that you have entered, the update_istap_config API performs these tasks:
  • Creates the message queue that will be used to send entries from the S-TAP to the Guardium system and starts a global database monitor using a view with an INSTEAD OF trigger, which sends the entries to the message queue.
  • Starts PASE and the S-TAP.
  • Receives journal entries from QAUDJRN and adds them to the message queue.