Upgrading a 64-bit environment with a backup central manager

Upgrading your 64-bit Guardium environment using a backup central manager.

Before upgrading your 64-bit Guardium environment using a backup central manager, review the following checklist and complete each item before attempting the upgrade.

Important: Before performing restore db on a V10 system, apply the latest maintenance patches after your system has been built to V10. If you are using a 64-bit collector-based central manager, the upgrade patch will handle the upgrade and convert the system from a collector-based central manager to an aggregator-based central manager.

Upgrade checklist

  • Identify and record all managed units defined in the current environment.
  • Current systems must be at V9 patch 600 or above and have 64-bit architecture
  • Download the latest Guardium V9 release or get it later from Fix Central [optional].
  • Download upgrade patch p10000
  • Download the latest maintenance patches from Fix Central
  • Download latest health check patch (p9997) from Fix Central. For more information, see: Guardium health check patch release notes.