Step 3. Install the Guardium® image

This section explains how to install the image and partition the disk.

  1. Make sure your UEFI/BIOS “boot sequence” settings are set to attempt startup from the removable media (the CD/DVD drive) before using the hard drive.
    Note: Installation can take place from DVD. If needed, get the UEFI/BIOS password from Technical Support.
  2. Load the Guardium image from the installation DVD.
  3. The following two options appear:

    Standard Installation: this is the default. Use this choice in most cases when partitioning the disk.

    Custom Partition Installation: allows more customization of all partitions (locally or on a SAN disk). See Custom partitioning for further information on how to implement this option.

    • The Standard Installation wipes the disk, repartitions and reformats the disk, and installs a new operating system.
    • On the first boot after installation, the user is asked to accept a Licensing Agreement. They can use PgDn to read through the agreement or Q to skip to the end. To accept the terms of the agreement, enter q to exit and then type yes. The user must enter yes to the agreement or the machine will not boot up.
  4. The system boots up from DVD. It takes about 12 minutes for this installation.

    (d) The installation process will now ask you to choose a collector or aggregator (will be set to “Collector” automatically after 10 seconds if no input is provided). See the Product Overview for an explanation of Collector and Aggregator. If you wanted to choose aggregator and you did not choose it within 10 seconds, you must reinstall in order to get back to this point where you have a choice of aggregator.

    Note: If you plan to use the appliance as a central manager you MUST select Aggregator option.
  5. The system automatically reboots at this point to complete the installation. The first login after a reboot requires a changing of passwords.