CAS Status

Open the Configuration Auditing System Status by clicking Manage > Change Monitoring > CAS Status

For each database server where CAS is installed and running, and where this Guardium system is configured as the active Guardium® host, this panel displays the CAS status, and the status of each CAS instance configured for that database server.

If you have trouble distinguishing the colors of the status indicator lights, hover your mouse over status lights, and a text box will display the current status.

Component Description
CAS System Status indicator light

The light found on this panel indicates whether CAS is actively running on the Guardium system.

Red: CAS is not running on this Guardium system.

Green: CAS is active on this Guardium system.

CAS agent status indicator lights

These status lights indicate whether the individual CAS agent is connected to a Guardium system. Identify each CAS agent by referencing the IP address that appears before the row of status indicator lights

Red: Host and/or the CAS agent is offline or unreachable.

Green: Host and CAS agent are online.

Yellow: The Guardium system is a secondary for the CAS host.


Reset the CAS agent on this monitored system. This stops and restarts the CAS agent on the database server.

Note: This will also reset checkpoint files; allowing for a fresh start and re-scan of files from scratch.
Delete (X)

Remove this monitored system from CAS and also deleting the data on the Guardium system that was associated with the CAS client.

This button is disabled if the CAS agent is running on this system. You must stop the CAS agent to be able to delete. See Stopping and Starting the CAS Agent for more information.

Red/Yellow/Green light

Each set of lights indicates the status of a CAS instance on the monitored system. If the owning monitored system status is red (indicating that the CAS agent is offline), ignore this set of status lights.

Red: The instance is disabled.

Green: The instance is enabled and online, and its configuration is synchronized with the Guardium system configuration.

Yellow: The instance is enabled, but the instance configuration on the Guardium system does not match the instance configuration on the monitored system (it has been updated on the Guardium system, but that update has not been applied on the monitored system).


Click Refresh to re-check the status of all servers in the list. This button does not stop and/or restart CAS on a database server – it only checks the connection between CAS on the Guardium system and CAS on each database server.

Note: The TAP_IP entry in the guard_tap.ini file is required. If TAP_IP is missing CAS will not start and an error message will be logged in the log file on the CAS client.

Stopping and Starting the CAS Agent

There are several situations where you may need to stop or start the CAS agent on a monitored system.
Note: If you want to stop and restart the CAS agent, you can do so by clicking Manage > Change Monitoring > CAS Status.

Stopping CAS on a UNIX Host
  1. Edit the file /etc/inittab.
  2. Find the CAS respawn line:
    cas:2345:respawn:/usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/cas/bin/ /usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/cas/bin
  3. Comment out the line by inserting # in the first character position.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Enter the following command: init -q
  6. Enter the following command: ps -er | grep cas
  7. Note the PID of each of the processes listed.
  8. For each of the processes listed, issue the following command: kill -9 <pid>
  9. In the Configuration Auditing System Status panel of the Guardium administrator portal, the status light for this CAS host should be red, and the Remove button should be enabled. This enables you to remove data from this CAS host from the Guardium system internal database.

Starting CAS on a Unix Host

Use this procedure to restart the CAS agent only when it has been stopped by editing the /etc/inittab file as described previously.
  1. Edit the file /etc/inittab.
  2. Find the line:
    #cas:2345:respawn:/usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/cas/bin/ /usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/cas/bin
  3. Uncomment the line, in our example (step 2.), by removing the # in the first character position. Depending on the operating system the comment character may be something else.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Enter the following command to restart the CAS agent: init -q

Starting and Stopping CAS on a Windows Host

On Windows CAS runs as a System Service.
  1. In the Services panel, highlight the Configuration Auditing System Client item.
  2. Select either Start or Stop from the Action menu.