Guardium fails to collect shared memory traffic from Informix

If Guardium fails to collect shared memory traffic from Informix, check the inspection engine configuration.


Guardium S-TAP does not collect shared memory traffic from Informix.


The inspection engine is not correctly configured.


Any S-TAP collection from any Informix system can be affected.

Resolving the problem

Check the inspection engine configuration under Manage > Activity Monitoring > S-TAP Control. Ensure that the value in the Process Name field matches the result of the following command on the database server.

ls -lrt /INFORMIXTMP/.inf.*

Informix: /INFORMIXTMP/.inf.sqlexec Applies to all Informix platforms but Linux. For Informix with Linux, example: /home/informix11/bin/oninit

Informix must be running for this command to return a value.

For Linux servers using A-TAP, A-TAP must be configured to collect any shared memory traffic. Set the value to the same value as the --db-info parameter in the A-TAP configuration before you activate A-TAP.