File Activity Monitoring

File Activity Monitoring discovers the sensitive data on your servers; classifies content using pre-defined or user defined definitions; configures rules and policies about data access, and actions to be taken when rules are met.

File activity monitoring consists of the following capabilities:
  • Discovery includes collecting metadata and entitlements for files and folders.
  • Classification uses decision plans to identify potentially sensitive data in the files, such as credit card information or personally identifiable information.
  • Monitoring and collection of audit information and policy rules, and real time alerts or blocking of suspicious users or connections.
File activity monitoring:
  • Meets regulatory compliance in a cost effective way
    • Automate and centralize controls, provide audit trail.
    • Achieve compliance with diverse regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, various state-level and national privacy regulations.
  • Scales with growing data volumes and expanding enterprise requirements
  • Provides extensive heterogeneous support across all popular systems
Use case 1

Critical application files can be accessed, modified, or even destroyed through back-end access to the application or database server

Solution: File Activity Monitoring can discover and monitor your configuration files, log files, source code, and many other critical application files and alert or block when unauthorized users or processes attempt access.

Use case 2

Need to protect files containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or proprietary information while not impacting day-to-day business.

Solution: File Activity Monitoring can discover and monitor access to your sensitive documents stored on many file systems. It will aggregate the data, give you a view into the activity, alert you in case of suspicious access, and allow you to block access to select files and folders and from select users.

Use case 3

Need to block back-end access to documents managed by your application.

Solution: File Activity Monitoring can discover, monitor, and block back-end access to your documents, which are normally accessed through an application front-end (for example, web portal).