What's new in IBM Security Guardium S-TAP for Db2 on z/OS V10.1.3?

Version 10.1.3 of IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2 provides speed and monitoring enhancements.

Enhancements to this version of the product include:

  • New Simulation mode enables you to test policies without sending data to the appliance. Data is collected on z/OS.
  • Support for the collection of BIND/REBIND events
  • Support for the collection of CICS Unit of Work ID
  • Improved memory management
  • Support for blocking policies pushed-down from the appliance
  • Improved filtering of events
  • MODIFY command now collects more diagnostic information
  • Ability to exclude host variables
  • Support for initiating an appliance MUST GATHER command from z/OS
  • Support for S-TAP logging
  • Support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPV6) introduced with PH16991

Db2 12 function level support

When you activate new Db2 12 function levels in a Db2 subsystem or data sharing group, enhancements might become available that impact IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2.

All available Db2 function levels are tolerated or supported by IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2. The levels of function level support are defined as follows:
The product works as it did on a previous release or function level of Db2 for z/OS, but it does not support the new features of this function level.
The product supports most, but not necessarily all, of the new function-level features that IBM deems the most significant for this product.

For more information about Db2 toleration and support related to IBM Db2 Data Access Common Collector for z/OS V1.1 (CQC), the component that enables IBM Guardium S-TAP for Db2 to collect data, see https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/db2-qm/3.3.0?topic=wnidqm-db2-12-function-level-support-db2-data-access-common-collector.