File discovery and classification GIM parameters

Use these GIM parameters to configure file discovery and classification, for each collector.

Configure file discovery and classification per collector. These parameters can be configured during installation, or at a later time using GIM (Manage > Module Installation > Set up by Client) or using the GuardAPI command gim_update_client_params. You can only update one collector at a time when using the GuardAPI.

GIM Parameter Default Description GUI
FAM_CLASSIFICATION_LANGUAGES English Set to GenericLanguage for automatic language detection.

For Linux, ensure that your Linux server has the required language support installed. For example, to support Chinese document classification, Chinese support should be installed on Linux.
For more information about supported languages for IBM Content Classification, see

FAM_DEBUG 0 Logs on the file server are collected and sent to the Guardium appliance.

1= ON

FAM_ENABLED 1 Enables FAM discovery.

0 = FAM Discovery agent is disabled.
1 = FAM Discovery agent is enabled. This is the default.
2 = Restart FAM Discovery agent.
To restart FAM: Change the FAM_ENABLED parameter in the GIM GUI to 2 and apply to clients by clicking Install/Update.
The FAM service in the file server should change PID showing it has restarted (ps -ef | grep fam), and there is a new entry in the pre-defined GUI report "Files Crawler Configuration". The config reverts to 1 in the GIM GUI allowing you to restart again by repeating the process.

The S-TAP parameter fam_enable must be enabled for the discovery agent to function.

Windows:The FAM service restarts, as shown in the Event viewer (Windows logs > System The IBM Guardium FAM service entered the stopped state and The IBM Guardium FAM service entered the running state). There is no new entry in the pre-defined GUI report "Files Crawler Configuration" and the configuration stays at 2 in the GIM GUI. For next restart, change the parameter to 1.

FAM_ICM_CLASS_DECISION_PLANS   Enable the decision plans by including their Plan names and their classification entities.

Set semicolon delimited list of Decision Plans list of entities for each Decision Plan.
Format: Entities listed in curly braces and colon delimited.
When curly braces are empty or missing for some Decision Plans, all classification entities are presented in the classification results in FAM report /Investigation Dashboard.
Examples for empty/missing curly braces : DecisionPlanName1{}:DecisionPlanName2{} DecisionPlanName1:DecisionPlanName2"~

FAM_ICM_CLASS_THREAD_COUNT 5 Number of threads for the classifier to use. The default is 5 and is the recommended value. X
FAM_ICM_URL http://localhost:18087 The URL of the IBM Content Classification Server. X
FAM_INSTALLER   The path to the installer package. Windows only.  
FAM_INSTALL_DIR   The location in which the File Activity Monitoring software is installed. Windows only.  
FAM_IS_DEEP_ANALYSIS   Controls classification

False=classification is disabled. Basic scan of metadata and access permission only.
True=classification is enabled, based on file content.
If no decision plans are enabled (FAM_ICM_CLASS_DECISION_PLANS is undefined), only a basic scan is performed.

FAM_SCAN_EXCLUDE_DIRECTORIES NULL Directories to exclude from discovery and classification.

Format: full path to directory
Wildcards are not supported.

FAM_SCAN_EXCLUDE_REMOTE_DIRECTORIES true Remote directories to exclude from discovery and classification.

true: do not scan remote directories.
false: scan remote directories.
Wildcards are not supported.
On Windows, set to something like: \\\\RemoteMachine\sharefolder\directory



NULL Excludes the specified file extension(s) or documents without extensions from the FAM scan. Relevant for both Windows and Linux.

Format: semicolon delimited list
The setting is case sensitive. Examples of excluded extensions: pdf;txt;doc. To exclude documents without extension, set to "NO_EXTENSION".



NULL Files to exclude from discovery and classification.

Format: valid filename.
Wildcards are not supported.

FAM_SCAN_MAX_DEPTH   Limit the depth for the scan relative to the specified starting directories (FAM_SOURCE_DIRECTORIES). X
FAM_SCHEDULER_HOUR_TIME_INTERVAL 12 Frequency, in hours, at which the discovery and classification scan is run.

Format: integer
The default is 12 hours.




Along with the hour interval, this is the time interval between scans. For example, if you want scans to occur 12 hours and 30 minutes apart, specify 12 for the hour and 30 here for the minute.
Format: integer


True = Repeat the discovery process at the specified time interval.
False = Do not repeat scan.

FAM_SCHEDULER_START_TIME NULL Time of initial activation of the discovery and classification processes.

Format: MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm
For example, if you enter 01-02-2016 18:00, the scan will start at 6 PM on January 2nd 2016. If the time interval is 12 hours, the process will run every day at 6 PM and 6 AM.

FAM_SERVER_PORT 16022 The Guardium collector port, 16022. X
FAM_SOURCE_DIRECTORIES NULL The directory or directories to start scanning from.

Wild cards are not supported. Example: /home/test.
Format: Set list of semicolon delimited FAM source directories.
Example: %IBM_FAM_HOME%/test/dir1;%IBM_FAM_HOME%/test/dir2 ~
Use FILE_SYSTEM_ROOTS to scan all files in the server. Not recommended especially if the server has lots of files.