Report parameters

You can use parameters to control the contents and presentation of a report.

There are two types of report parameters:

To set report parameters:

  1. Click Configure Report Parameters from the choices within the report. See the iconSetup icon.
  2. In the panel, enter runtime and presentation parameters in the boxes that are provided, as necessary for the task to be performed.
  3. Click Save.
  4. To view the report, go My Dashboards.

Standard Runtime Parameters

The following runtime parameters are present for all reports.

Runtime Parameter Default and Description
Enter Period From None for a new report, varies for default reports. The starting date for the report is always required.
Enter Period to None for a new report, varies for default reports, though the default is almost always NOW. This date is the ending date for the report, and is always required.
Remote Data Source None. In a Central Manager environment, you can run a report on a managed unit by selecting that Guardium® system from the Remote Data Source list.
Show Aliases None (meaning the system-wide default is used). Select the On to always display aliases, or Off to never display aliases. Select the default button to revert to the system-wide default (controlled by the administrator) after either the On or Off button has been used.
Refresh Rate (seconds) Rate at which report is refreshed.

Use this GuardAPI command, list_parameter_names_by_report_name. This function takes a report name as input parameter and returns a list of runtime parameter names for that report.