Catalog and manage databases

Catalog databases to create the datasources in Guardium, modify users and passwords, and update the database configuration.

About this task

Cataloging creates the datasources within Guardium that are used for classification, vulnerability assessment, auditing, and reports. Databases that are not cataloged have a red icon in the GuardiumDatasource column of the DB table.


  1. Catalog the databases you want to audit.
    1. In the Databases table, select one or more databases.
    2. Click Datasource > Catalog Datasource.
    3. Enter the case-sensitive DB user and password that you received from your DBA. If you selected more than one database, be sure you want them to use the same user and password pair.
    4. Optionally select, modify or clear the default Classification process.
    5. Click Catalog.
    The Guardium datasource name appears in the Databases table.
  2. Update the user or password:
    1. In the Databases table, select one or more datasources.
    2. Click Datasource > Update User and Password and modify the details. Both fields must be specified.
    3. Click Catalog.
  3. Modify one datasource definition.
    1. Select the datasource and click Datasource > Open Datasource Definition
    2. Modify as relevant. See parameter details in Creating a datasource definition.
    3. Optionally test connectivity to the database by clicking Test Connection.
    4. Click Save.