Windows: Starting S-TAP using GIM

With GIM, you can start S-TAP without logging into the database server.

About this task

Use the following steps to change the WINSTAP_ENABLED parameter and schedule the S-TAP startup on the database server.


  1. Click Manage > Module Installation > Set up by Client to open the Client Search Criteria.
  2. Click Search to perform a filtered search.
  3. Select the Clients that will be the target for the action (starting S-TAP)
  4. Click Next to open the Common Modules panel.
  5. Select the Module for WINSTAP.
  6. Click Next to open the Module Parameters panel.
  7. Select the clients that will be the target for the action (starting S-TAP®).
  8. Change the WINSTAP_ENABLED parameter to 1 (one).
  9. Click Apply to Clients to apply to the targeted clients.
  10. Click Install/Update to schedule the update to the targeted clients. This update can be scheduled for NOW or some time in the future. When the schedule is run for this update the S-TAP service on the targeted clients starts at the specified time.