OUTAGE_SPILLAREA_SIZE sets the size of the spill file to use in the event of a Guardium system connection outage.

No default
Permitted Values
0 – 1024 megabytes

A value of 0, or the absence of this keyword, disables spill area support and the creation of a spill file.

If you enable OUTAGE_SPILLAREA_SIZE, an internal memory buffer (a spill file) is created that temporarily stores events in the case of a Guardium appliance connection outage. Events are stored in the memory buffer until the memory buffer is full or a connection is restored to the appliance. When connectivity is re-established, events are streamed to the appliance in order of ‘first in first out’ (oldest event first) until emptied. The memory buffer is not circular. When the spill file is full, events are no longer stored and are discarded.

The spill file is meant for short-term outages only because when a connection is restored, the Guardium system clears the spill file content before continuing to send data.

When you enable a spill file and do not specify a secondary APPLIANCE_SERVER_FAILOVER address, or none of the secondary APPLIANCE_SERVER_FAILOVER addresses respond, the Guardium product writes to the spill file

When enabled, this parameter supersedes SEND_FAIL_EVENT_COUNT for temporary data retention.