Linux and UNIX systems: Enable K-TAP after installation if Tee was installed by default

If, during the installation process, K-TAP fails to load properly, possibly caused by hardware or software incompatibility, Tee is installed as the default collection mechanism. To switch back to K-TAP, after compatibility issues are resolved, follow these steps.


  1. Disable the S-TAP®. See Stop UNIX S-TAP for more information.
  2. Edit guard_tap.ini and change ktap_installed to 1 and tee_installed to 0

  3. Run the guard_ktap_loader install command.
    example: /usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/ktap/current/guard_ktap_loader install
  4. Run the guard_ktap_loader start command.
    example: /usr/local/guardium/guard_stap/ktap/current/guard_ktap_loader start
  5. Re-enable S-TAP. See Restart UNIX S-TAP for more information.