Linux and UNIX systems: Stop S-TAP using GIM

Learn how to stop an S-TAP using GIM.

About this task

On the database host itself, you can stop S-TAP (and all other GIM modules except GIM itself) by stopping GIM's supervisor service with the command: stop gsvr_<release number>. Use initctl list to get the list of services statuses.

You can use GIM to stop S-TAP without ever having to log into the database server. Complete the following steps to change the STAP_ENABLED parameter and schedule the change on the database server.


  1. Click Manage > Module installation > Set up by Client (v10.1.4: Legacy) to open the Client Search Criteria.
  2. Perform a filtered search of registered clients or click Search to view all of the registered clients.
  3. Select the clients are the target for the action (stopping S-TAP). If there are more than 20 clients, then the list of clients spreads onto additional pages.
    Note: Clicking Select All selects only the clients on the current page being viewed.
  4. Click Next to open the Common Modules panel.
  5. Select the Module for S-TAP.
  6. Click Next button to open the Module Parameters panel.
  7. Select the client that is the target for the action (stopping S-TAP).
  8. Change the STAP_ENABLED parameter to 0 (zero).
  9. Click Apply to Clients to apply to the targeted clients.
  10. Click Install/Update to schedule the update to the targeted clients. This update can be scheduled for NOW or some time in the future.