Linux and UNIX systems: Solaris Zones S-TAP configuration

Install and configure S-TAP in the Master zone (global zone). All other zones (local zones) share the resource with Master zone.

About this task


  1. Install S-TAP on the master zone (global zone) regardless of the zone in which the database runs, since the local zones share information from the master zone.
  2. When configuring the Inspection Engine, use the global zone values for the db_install_dir path and tap_db_process_names. (From the global zone, S-TAP monitors access to databases in all zones.)
  3. If you are using PCAP, add the IP addresses of all zones that you want to monitor to the alternate_ips parameter in the guard_tap.ini file on the Solaris database.
  4. At the end of the installation:
    • K-TAP is not loaded on the local zone as it is only loaded on the global. It is visible on the local zones.
    • S-TAP does not run on the local zones.