Linux and UNIX systems: Deactivate and uninstall A-TAP in Zones and WPARs environment

About this task


  1. On every sub-Zone/sub-WPAR with A-TAP installed/active:
    1. Deactivate (and deinstrument if necessary, for Oracle on AIX) all A-TAPs using guardctl following the steps in Linux and UNIX systems: Deactivating A-TAP.
    2. Manually remove (rm -rf) the installation directory
    3. Manually remove the ATAP libraries: find /usr/lib -type f -name 'libguard-*.so' | xargs rm -f
    Note: Removing the libraries may give errors; these can be ignored.
  2. Uninstall STAP/KTAP using the normal method
    1. Remove the libraries: find /usr/lib -type f -name 'libguard-*.so' | xargs rm -f o
    2. On Solaris, remove the ktap device from each zone’s configuration:
      zoneadm –z <zonename> halt
      zonecfg –z <zonename>
      <zonename>> info

      If a ktap device is found, remove it :

      /<zonename> remove device match=/dev/ktap_xxxx (FOR SOLARIS 10) 	 	
      /<zonename> remove device match=/dev/guard_ktap (FOR SOLARIS 11) 	
      <zonename>> verify 	 	
      <zonename>> exit 	 	
      zoneadm -z <zonename> boot 
    3. Remove the ktap device file and link from each sub-Zone/sub-WPAR device directory, for example:
      /export/home2/zones/iris3/dev cd /export/home2/zones/iris3/dev 
      rm -f ktap_xxxx guard_ktap
    4. With multiple KTAP devices, repeat the steps for each KTAP device by using the name ktap_xxxx (Solaris 10) or guard_ktap_x (Solaris 11).