Running more than one agent in a SYSPLEX

If two or more IMS agents are running on one SYSPLEX, use the ADS_SHM_ID and ADS_LISTENER_PORT keywords to differentiate the shared memory segment and port for each agent environment.

The agent address space (AUIASTC) and subordinate address spaces (AUIFSTC and AUILSTC) communicate by using a shared memory segment and communications port. Multiple agents require multiple unique shared memory segments and port values to ensure correct inter-address space communications. If you need to have two or more IBM Security Guardium S-TAP for IMS agents available on one SYSPLEX, the following keywords provide a method of uniquely identifying the shared memory segment and port for each agent environment:
  • ADS_SHM_ID(100010)

To specify the ADS_SHM_ID and ADS_LISTENER_PORT keywords, you must ensure that a //AUICONFG DD statement is in the JCL for the AUIFSTC and AUILSTC address spaces. To ensure that communications between participant address spaces use the correct memory object and ports, the //AUICONFG DD statement must point to the same data set and member specified in the JCL for the AUIASTC and AUIUSTC address spaces used for the agent.

See Customizing the agent by using agent parameter keywords for complete descriptions of all valid parameters, including the ADS_SHM_ID and ADS_LISTENER_PORT keywords.