Starting and stopping the secondary address spaces

This topic describes the /MODIFY commands to start and stop the secondary address spaces.

Commands to start and stop the SMF data collector address space

When the agent address space is started, secondary address spaces under the control of the agent may also be started. These include the SMF data collector address space (SAUISAMP member AUIFSTC) which collects events using SMF log data as input and sends the events to the Guardium appliance. One IMS Archive Log event Data collector (SAUISAMP member AUILSTC) is also started for each IMS with an active collection.

Note: The following commands should be used against the agent's primary address space.
Optionally, the STOP command may be used to stop the SMF address space:
  • /STOP <jobname>

Commands to start and stop the IMS Archive Log Data collector

There is no z/OS command to start the address space because the IMS Archive Log data collector address space is specific to an IMS definition with an active collection. The AUILSTC address is started by the agent address space, or activation of a collection.

Stopping a specific AUILSTC address space requires the use of the /STOP <jobname>.<token> command. The <token> value to be used can be found during AUILSTC startup in the AGENT JOBLOG.

In the following example, AAAAAAAC is the token value:
Or, when viewing the AUILSTC task in TSO SDFS, the token is displayed as the STEPNAME.