Simulation mode

Simulation mode enables you to simulate agent processing. IBM® Guardium® S-TAP® for Data Sets uses various z/OS MVS system services to gather audit data and move it to the agent address space. The agent address space evaluates this data according to the specified policy, and transmits the audit record to the Guardium appliance by using TCP/IP. To assess the impact on MVS processing, use the STAP_STREAM_EVENTS parameter to simulate data collection.

When STAP_STREAM_EVENTS is set to N, the parameter stops the agent TCP/IP data transmission process. The agent performs all data collection processes but does not send the audit record to the Guardium appliance.

The DISPLAY STREAM command display whether the TCP/IP stream of data to the appliance is enabled or disabled. Use this command to verify whether the agent is sending data to the Guardium appliance.

The DIAG command displays the number of created SMF-based records, RLM-based records, and the number of records sent to the appliance. When the agent is in simulation mode (STAP_STREAM_EVENTS=N), the SMF and RLM counters increment with each record created, but the number of records sent to the appliance remains zero. When the agent is not in simulation mode (STAP_STREAM_EVENTS=Y), all counters increment.