Requesting and viewing S-TAP logging information

Use the S-TAP Logging command to issue a request for logging information from the S-TAP agent collector.

About this task

From the S-TAP control panel of the IBM® Guardium® system interface:


  1. Locate the policy component for your S-TAP (for example, RS22:A91A:POLICY) and select the G icon.
  2. Select STAP Logging for Command.
  3. Select a logging level and click Apply to request S-TAP logging.
    S-TAP logging levels provide log information as follows:
    Level 0
    Logs program levels, event queue statistics, agent configuration, policy, and event counts.
    Level 1
    Logs agent configuration, policy, and event counts.
    Level 2
    Logs agent configuration.
    Level 3
    Logs policy.
    Level 4 or higher
    Logs event counts.
  4. To view the S-TAP logging information, locate the policy component of your S-TAP and click the i icon.