Required schema change

The schema used by vulnerability assessment tests on IBM DB2 for z/OS changed in Guardium V9.1. If you upgrade from a release prior to 9.1, you must update your database in order to continue using these tests.

About this task

When you upgrade your Guardium system to version 10.x, you must create new database tables on your database server. These tables add support for a new set of tests, but you must create them whether you want to use the new tests or not.
In prior releases you created and populated tables in the gdmmonitor schema:
These tables are replaced by tables in the CKADBVA schema:


  1. Install Guardium 10.x
  2. Copy create_CKADBVA-schema_tables_zOS.sql from the /var/log/guard/gdmmonitor_scripts directory on your Guardium system to your database server. Run the fileserver command on your database server to retrieve the file.
  3. The script contains instructions that describe steps to be performed before and after running the script. Read these instructions and run the script.
  4. Populate the new tables with data similar to the data that was stored in the old tables.


Your system is now configured to use current vulnerability assessment tests.

What to do next